Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Take-a-Poll" Tuesday.

This is where you, our Threadies, get to weigh in 
on our little shop in the Heights.   Whether it's to let us know what 
sizes you would like to see more of, if there is a brand you would like us to carry, 
or a new product suggestion - we want to hear from you!

A couple times a month we will have
"Take-a-poll" Tuesday.

We will ask you the community a particular question
and you will leave us comments.  Be sure to leave your
name and email address so we can contact you when your
request has been fulfilled!
First up...
Would you participate in activities with and without your
kids at Thread if we offered them?  Activities like
Mommy + Me Yoga, Watercolor Classes, DIY Night...
just to name a few!  Have other suggestions? Let us know that too!

Comment below this post.
Leave your name and email address.

It's up to you Threadies!  The more that participate, the more successful
we will be at being able to carry out these exciting changes at Thread.

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