*AS OF MARCH 2013 - we are now buying your items outright!  That is money in your pocket (or store credit) and no more waiting for checks in the mail or checking in on your items. *

**NEW POLICY AS OF 9.1.12:  Thread will be accepting merchandise from the 1st to the 21st of each month ONLY**

How to Consign with Us.
Welcome to THREAD.  We resell high end kid's clothes and shoes that are in great condition.  THREAD is a small business with limited staff.  We ask that if you are coming in to consign with us you give us time to go through your items while you shop around Thread and 19th St.  We also welcome you to make an appointment with us by calling 281.501.0148 or emailing us at

At your appointment, please bring your items cleaned, ironed and in 1 to 2 boxes/laundry baskets.  NO hangers please. Make sure all snaps on onesies are snapped!  Do not bring your items in trash bags please.

We offer a 60 day consignment period.  Items may be discounted after 30 days at our discretion.  THREAD only takes items we believe will sell within the 60 day period.  Because this can affect seasonal items, please consider the seasonality of the items you bring us.

We will choose the prices your items are sold for based on past sales and current demand from our customers.  Consigning with THREAD is easy:  you drop off your clothes and shoes and we will give you 40% of the sale!  We will mail you a check at the end of the month.  *We only cut checks for $10 or more...otherwise we will add the amount to the following month.

It is your responsibility to contact Thread at 60 days if you want to pick up your items.  If requested, an inventory sheet will be given to you at 60 days so that you can pick your inventory from the racks. If items are unclaimed as of 90 days, Thread will donate the items to the charity of our choice.

We are not responsible for damage, theft or loss of your items.

Get started today!  Make your appointment with us by calling 281.501.0148 or by emailing us at  We can't wait for you to join the THREAD family!

  • Gently used + clean items!
  • Name Brands (see our list of brands here)
  • Sizes NB to Size 14
  • Shoes
  • Small toys - bla bla dolls, sprig, melissa & doug, etc. 
  • Gently used books (children's and parenting)
  • Accessories (blankets, bibs, hats)
  • Maternity clothes + accessories (Bella Band, pregnancy books, etc.)
  • Strollers, bouncy seats, etc.

We sell your items for you + you get 40% of the sale!  You get clean closets + money in your pocket!  We do the rest.