Saturday, March 12, 2011

Babies on 19th Street.

Lucas is helping bring in lots of babies to Thread.
We think it's important that moms know we are a kid friendly store.
We have a Kid Corral filled with toys where you can find
kids playing any day of the week.

We know how challenging it is to shop with kids, but we think we
have found the solution in our Kid Corral.  Would you believe
kids don't want to leave Thread b/c they want to 
stay and play?  It's true!

Come by and see us!


  1. Is the high chair for sale?? Or where can I get a dark brown one like it? -Chasity

  2. no. the high chair is not for sale chasity. sorry. it was mine when i was a baby. not sure where you can find an old school one. do a google search.