Friday, March 4, 2011

The Store is Ready!

It is hard to believe that the store is ready in 4 short days and we officially 
open the doors tomorrow, Saturday, March 5th.  
Here are a few pics of the crazy busy week
we have had getting the new store ready.

We got our keys Monday night!
Oliver + Miles (Kari's twin boys) peeking through the window.

Kari + Lucas (Rebecca's baby boy) doing a walk through.

A very bare store.  How will we ever fill it?!

Pat, Kari's Husband, ready to move in!  Muscles + all.

Oh the possibilities!

Praying for a long line at our cash wrap Saturday!

Lucas exhausted + it's only day one!

By Wednesday, we started to look like an official store!

 Getting the clothes in the store.

 Finding a place for everything.

 Our husbands building our garment racks.

 Kari officially taking down Sew Crafty's sign.

 Pat removing the window decals.

 It's Rodeo Time, Y'all!

 Sarah, owner of Sew Crafty, left this killer chalkboard for us!

 Quickly filling up the store!

  A full wall of Zutano!

 The finished racks!  They look awesome.

 Our boys checking out the Thread "ok kid corral".

Our sign hanging at its new home.

 Thread is ready to open!



  1. oh wow! it looks so good -- i can't wait to come check it out!!!

  2. Awesome! I'll be there next week to see it in person!

  3. looks AMAZING girls! can't express how happy i am for you both! i know it will be a HUGE success! hope to see it soon in person. until then, sending lots of love and well wishes your way! xoxo tracy